Yes it’s true! We’ve officially launched our offering to the World … well Maidenhead and surrounding area anyway 🙂

It’s a great feeling to finally be in a position to begin selling our highly nutritious cold pressed juices and lovely almond mylks. It’s been infinitely more hard work than we counted on but we got there in the end!

You can send us your order here. We’re currently juicing on a Friday and plan to deliver the first batch on the Friday afternoon. Can’t get fresher than that! We’ll also deliver another batch on the Saturday which will be refrigerated overnight and will last at least 3 days.

We’re currently operating within a 15 mile radius of Maidenhead but if you’re just outside this area then get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

There is no minimum order and as of the date of this post, pricing is as follows …

250ml bottles : £3.50
500ml bottles : £6.00

Simply head over to the order form and select the number of each product you would like to order. We’ll send you a confirmation of the order via email and ask you to reply to confirm the order.

We’ll take cash on delivery, a bank transfer or Paypal (fee applies). Please contact us here if you need any more information.



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